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New Phone System

We have just transitioned to a new phone system and are not sure if all the glitches have been discovered. If you have any problems getting through or get a message that does not make sense, please email us at … Continue reading

Harper Says:

“Thousands (maybe millions) of doses of vaccines are given every day. This is well-documented and obvious to everyone. What is not so obvious is that millions of cases of disease are also prevented every day because those vaccines were given.” … Continue reading

Measles Update

A 4th case of measles has been identified. Another unimmunized child and neighbor of cases 2 and 3. The County and State Health Departments have not issued any new recommendations, despite what has been reported on the news. MMR vaccines … Continue reading

Measles Status

Currently the Health Department has not issued any new recommendations regarding Measles immunization. The current recommendation is for the first dose of MMR after the first birthday and a second dose at 4-6 years.  I will update any further recommendations … Continue reading

Measles in Spencerport

2 cases of measles in Spencerport School I cannot stress the importance of immunization. They say “beliefs are strong than scientific facts.” We are taking a huge step backwards in terms of public health. Measles was predicted to be … Continue reading


Don’t forget, you can reach me via pingMD with non-urgent questions and problems from 9 am til 10 pm daily. This provides you with a level of care consistent with concierge medication and can save you a trip to an … Continue reading