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NY AAP Press Statement

Happy Valentine’s Day!
It has been awhile… I guess it means there has been nothing pressing to pass on.  From a COVID-19 standpoint, the numbers are improving with rates hovering around 2% now. It is still very important to wear masks, … Continue reading

Happy New Year

Happy New Year
I celebrated New Year’s Day be getting my first dose of the vaccine.  I recently listened to a podcast with an infectious disease expert. One question posed to him was which is the best vaccine? The answer? The one that is available to you.  … Continue reading

Happy Holidays!

As 2020 (good riddance to a really difficult year) comes to a close, we are all looking forward to a better 2021. But let me add that there have been many wonderful and happy events in 2020, like the births of babies, … Continue reading

Do Good December 8th.

Today’s Do Good Thought
Do something helpful for a family member or friend.
Given the increased numbers of COVID cases and hospitalizations in the Finger Lakes region (the highest in NY right now), I think wearing a mask and avoiding crowds would be a good idea. … Continue reading

Do Good December 7th

Please take a moment to remember Pearl Harbor and all the Americans who were killed on that day.
The number of  positive cases of COVID-19 tests continue to rise as do the the hospitalizations. A vaccine is on the horizon but there is still much to learn about it, … Continue reading

Do Good December

My daughter forwarded a link to the “Do Good December” calendar from Action For Happiness. I hope to bring you each day’s “task” to help get us all through the unfamiliar feelings of the 2020 holiday season.
For December 4th, “Give kind comments to as many people as possible today.” … Continue reading