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Stay Calm and Careful

The questions of the past week have been related to exposures to someone who tested positive for COVID-19. Basically, “we have been exposed to someone who subsequently tested positive, what do I watch for? What should I do?”
There are 2 aspects to this issue. … Continue reading

Return to School and Childcare

The American Academy of Pediatrics has published 2 articles addressing return to school and childcare with COVID-19 infections on the rise nationally. (although at a new low in NY State and the finger lakes region).
Please check out the following at
Return to School. … Continue reading

COVID-19 Testing

I recently have received calls about testing for COVID-19. Here is a article from the American Academy of Pediatrics that might help clear some things up. 
What type of coronavirus test should my child get?Trisha Korioth, Staff WriterJune 23, 2020Editor’s note: For the latest news about the COVID-19 pandemic, … Continue reading

Continued Good News

Listening to Governor Cuomo, NY state continues to have a good handle on COVID-19 for now.  The rate of postive tests in the Finger Lakes Region continues to drift downward. The number of positive tests has dropped from 2.6% to 2.5% over the past month. … Continue reading

A Note of Caution

As the Finger Lakes region moves into phase 3 of the reopening, I want urge you all to be cautious. Although all the indicators in our area are moving in the right direction, the nation is seeing some surges in states that reopened “early” … Continue reading

Stay Calm and Pay It Forward

“Paying it forward” has been something our family has tried to do for years. Last night, Mrs Lewis and I watched the 2000 movie “Pay It Forward” and were reminded of how, even seemingly small, kind, actions can have a ripple effect throughout our community. … Continue reading

Stay Calm and Move Forward

First, I apologize for not posting for several weeks. We slowly move into Phase 2. As eager as we are to move forward, I am glad that people are being cautious. Although the number of new cases continues to rise (because of more testing), … Continue reading