Stay Calm and Move Forward

First, I apologize for not posting for several weeks. We slowly move into Phase 2. As eager as we are to move forward, I am glad that people are being cautious. Although the number of new cases continues to rise (because of more testing), the rate of  postive tests has dropped. Recently less than 2% of the tests in Monroe County were positive. Overall, less than 7% of the total number of tests done over the past 94 days have been positive. 

With the announcement of the availability of antibody tests, I have received a number of requests to have the test done. They are only available through the hospital and on a limited basis. They still have limitations and may have a false positives (showing immunity but to other strains of the virus). 

I also continue to receive questions about the safety of children starting to play with others, seeing grandparents, etc. My only advice is do what feels comfortable to you.  This virus is not going away and we are going to have to learn to live with it. It certainly isn’t going to learn to live with us. However, reports from Italy suggest that the virus is becoming a little less virulent. Time will tell.

So as we move forward, please stay safe. We continue to be here for you.