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Measles in Spencerport

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Measles in Spencerport

2 cases of measles in Spencerport School

I cannot stress the importance of immunization. They say “beliefs are strong than scientific facts.” We are taking a huge step backwards in terms of public health. Measles was predicted to be irradicated in 2000, but because of all the “fake news” about MMR and autism, many parents opted to not immunize their children and measles has stayed, and has unnecessarily killed hundreds of people 

Given the risks that measles as well as other “vaccine preventable” illness pose to unimmunized patients, and even immunized patients since vaccines are not 100% protective, we need to immunize all children. Schools need to enforce NY State regulations and not allow unimmunized students into school. The first vaccine was made in 1796, centuries after the major religions were founded, so there really  cannot be religious exemptions except for Christian Scientists. NY does not recognize “philosophical” exemptions, but unfortunately, schools are “afraid” to enforce the regulations and many unimmunized students are allowed to go to school. 

So much for my “Saturday Soapbox Speech.”


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