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Stay Calm and Bear With Us

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Stay Calm and Bear With Us

To date we have administered about 260 doses of the Pfizer 5-11 year old vaccine. I am very appreciative of my staff who have come in on their days off and Saturdays to administer the vaccine. We are trying our best to provide access to the vaccine for everyone who wants it but, we, like every other independent pediatric practice in the area, has found some limitations to providing “mass” vaccination.

We still are extremely busy seeing patients (our first priority). The number of visits for illness has almost doubled because of the COVD-19 protocols in schools. We have also started to see influenza for the first time in over 18 months. Now, we also have to accommodate requests for booster doses in older patients. We are doing our best to meet everyone’s needs.

Unlike other vaccines that we give, the Pfizer 5-11 vaccine comes in a multi-dose vial of 10 doses and is only good for 12 hours once opened. The 12 and up vaccine comes in 6 dose quantities but is only good for 6 hours. Thus, we need to make sure we have enough patients coming in on any given day who will qualify (and want) the vaccine so as not to waste doses.

We have had an unbelievably good response from families requesting the vaccines and currently have booked our available slots through December. With the holidays, we do not have unlimited access to appointments. For those who have waited until now for the vaccine, we will do our best to open times to accommodate requests, but will also have to rely on other vaccination sites such as those provided by the county and pharmacies.

I am extremely indebted to my staff for giving up their free time to help out. We are all also appreciative of our families’ flexibility and understanding during this unprecedented public health crisis.

Your Child’s Health is our #1 Priority.

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