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COVID-19 Vaccine Update

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COVID-19 Vaccine Update

The FDA has approved the use of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in children between 5 and 11 years. The dose is 1/3 the adult dose administered 21 apart. The next step is for the CDC to approve its use and that committee is scheduled to address this next week.

We have preordered 300 doses of the vaccine but do not have a delivery date yet. However, in anticipation of the vaccine being approved by the CDC and doses released, we are tentatively scheduling some specific days for vaccine administration in the office. We hope that the CDC approval and shipment of the vaccine will be occur on a timely basis.

We hope that the first day we can schedule vaccine administration will be the afternoon of Wednesday, November 10th. If for some reason there are delays we potentially will have to reschedule.

Please call the office to schedule an appointment. We anticipate having enough vaccine for all our patients who want it. We are limited by time and space but will do our best to accommodate all your needs.

Your Child’s Health is our #1 Priority.

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