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Flu Testing

Flu Vaccine in Rochester, NY

Influenza, or the flu, is a seasonal and very common illness. Each year the influenza virus evolves, making it difficult to prevent long-term. Therefore, it is recommended that you and your child get a flu vaccine each year during flu season near the beginning of fall.

Even though the symptoms are similar to the common cold, they can become severe enough to lead to other illnesses and even cause death. On average 20,000 children under the age of 5 are hospitalized due to the flu, and nearly 140 pediatric deaths are related to it.

At Lewis Pediatrics, Dr. Lewis and his highly trained pediatric staff are dedicated to making sure the children of Brighton & Rochester are as prepared for flu season as possible. Children can receive flu shots from our pediatric clinic in Rochester, NY. If your child is currently experiencing symptoms of the flu or in need of a flu shot, please contact our pediatric clinic at (585) 442-1421 and schedule an appointment today!

Tips for Preventing the Flu

There are a number of measures that the CDC recommends that you and your child should take to avoid getting and spreading the flu. These include:

Avoid close contact. Especially contact with those who are sick. When you are sick you should also avoid contact with others.

Stay home when you are sick. Not only will this help prevent the spread of germs, but it will ensure that you don’t over-exert yourself if you are sick.

Cover your mouth and nose. Sneezing and coughing are the easiest ways for viruses to spread. Cover your mouth if you are sick.

Keep your hands clean. Wash your hands often, not just when you use the restroom. You pick up a lot of germs on your hands throughout the day, and if you’re out in public during flu season, there’s a good chance you’ll pick up the flu.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Even if you keep your hands clean, viruses easily enter the body through the orifices on your face.

Practice good health habits. Make sure to disinfect surfaces that are touched a lot. For example, wipe down a shopping cart handle with a wipe before using. Additionally, make sure you get plenty of sleep, eat nutritious food and drink a lot of fluids.

Make sure you teach these good habits to your child so when they are not by your side, they will help prevent the flu from spreading.

Flu Season and Immunization in Brighton NY

The recommended schedule for flu vaccination remains unchanged. Generally, the months of September and October are optimal for most individuals to receive their flu vaccine. However, getting vaccinated against the flu during July and August is not advisable for most people. Nevertheless, there are a few factors to consider when contemplating vaccination during these months:

Children who require two doses of the flu vaccine should receive their initial dose as soon as the vaccine becomes available. The second dose ought to be administered at least four weeks after the first dose.

For children who have healthcare appointments in July or August, it might be reasonable to contemplate vaccination during these months if there won’t be another opportunity to vaccinate them. For instance, some children might have medical check-ups in late summer before the school year begins, and they might not have another chance to visit a healthcare provider in September or October.

The CDC maintains its recommendation for vaccination as long as there is a threat from flu viruses. Some seasons might see this threat lasting until May or June. Since 2010, the CDC has been advocating for annual vaccination for everyone aged 6 months and older.

Update on the 2023-2024 Flu Vaccine

Flu viruses are in a constant state of change. The flu vaccines in the United States are evaluated annually by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee. These vaccines are then adjusted as necessary to align with the flu viruses that research indicates will be the most prevalent during the upcoming season.

The effectiveness of the flu vaccine can be influenced by how well the vaccine viruses match the circulating viruses. Preliminary estimates indicate that during the previous season, individuals who were vaccinated against the flu had a reduced likelihood, ranging from 40% to 70%, of being hospitalized due to flu-related illness or its complications.

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At Lewis Pediatrics, we provide Flu testing to patients in Rochester, NY. Our board-certified pediatricians in Rochester are available to answer any questions you may have about your child’s symptoms. For more information on how to prevent & treat the flu, call pediatric clinic in Rochester at 585-442-1421.

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