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COVID and Now Flu Too

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COVID and Now Flu Too

COVID-19 cases in Monroe County continue to rise. We are now at 396 cases/100,000 population with a positive test rate of 10.34% (averaging 3496 tests per day).

However, we have had more 5-11 year olds receiving the first dose of their COVID-19 vaccine than we anticipated. Side effects have been mild. Most common ones are soreness at the site of the injection and tender lymph nodes in the arm pit on the side of the injection. Fevers are less than in adults. Heart inflammation has not been seen (yet).

With the approval of booster doses of vaccine announced today, we have started to receive inquiries about getting doses in the office. While we do have the 12 and up Pfizer vaccine, our main thrust right now is to immunize the 5-11 year olds. We are exploring how to accommodate those who want booster doses, but at this point, we are working at maximum capacity to see patients and administer the vaccine as efficiently as possible without wasting doses.

We do not anticipate stocking any vaccines other than Pfizer. At this time, I would recommend looking into getting booster doses at pharmacies or mass vaccination sites until we can sort out our schedules.

We have also diagnosed our first 2 cases of influenza A this week. We had not had a positive test since March 2020! Please get immunized for influenza too.

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