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COVID Vaccine Update

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COVID Vaccine Update

We received our supply of Moderna’s vaccine for under 5 year olds today. Pfizer’s vaccine should be here any day now. And as anxious as we are to start administering it to all who want it, we are facing some logistical “nightmares.” The Moderna vaccine is 2 doses 28 days apart. Pfizer is 3 doses 2 doses 21 days apart with a booster 2 months after the 2nd dose. The vaccines come in 10 dose vials that need to used within 6-12 hour window so we need to schedule patients in groups of 10 to not waste vaccine. We will probably only be able to give 1 vaccine on any given day and then block out days 21 and 28 days later.

On top of trying to set up those schedules, we are entering the summertime crunch for routine visits as well as staff taking some time off for themselves. Thankfully, COVID-19 numbers are going down so there isn’t the same urgency that we faced last fall with the surge as school restarted.

The bottom line is that we are doing our best to roll out these vaccines. Please be patient. Thank you.

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