COVID-19 Update “Stay Calm and Listen to Some Music”

Just received my daily update from Accountable Health Partners at the U of R. UR Medicine ran 78 tests for COVID-19 yesterday. 3 were positive (all 3 in hospitals). That is a 3.8% positive rate among those ill enough to be tested locally. The UR lab is now geared up to run 100+ tests a day. An outside lab reports 250 tests run in upstate NY with 14 positive tests for a 6.5% positive rate.  The tests are still in short supply and are only being used for those patients with severe symptoms and where the results will help guide how they are treated. 

One of the big unknowns is “how long is this going to last?” No one knows the answer, but public health officials have run several models (much like weather forecasters and we know how accurate those can be …) Sorry to all my weather friends. The most reasonable model suggests that we might not see a peak in cases until May 3rd (my birthday). Other models predict sooner or later peaks. The only thing we can take from this is that COVID-19 isn’t going away real soon.  Please continue to practice physical distancing, avoid unnecessary exposures and perhaps we can shorten this peak.

On another note, I know of 3 puppies who have received new homes over the past week. Lollipop Farm has adopted out all of its animals which is great news. So thanks for the “Stay Calm and Adopt a Puppy” – but for anyone who has ever adopted a new puppy, staying calm might be a little more difficult. 

And, if any of you are in need of a music lesson for you or your kids, or just need something uplifting, the Rotterdam Philarmonic played Beethoven’s 9th Symphony from their homes.  Click on this link. Slipped Disc.   So for another day, we at Lewis Pediatrics wish you well, be safe, “Stay Calm & Listen to Some Music”