Help Keep Our Children Healthy

Voice Your Support of “The Medical Exemption Only Bill” A.2371A/S.2994A

Does not take anyone’s rights away. If parents don’t want to immunize their children, this bill will not change their freedom to make that uninformed choice. This bill just insists that if your child is to attend licensed infant and child care or public/private school then your child must be immunized. If you choose not to immunize you must home school your child or make other arrangements. Decisions have consequences when public health is at stake.
Does not have anything to do with anyone’s religion. It eliminates religion from the conversation. Immunization is science. It has nothing to do with religion.
Ensures Herd Immunity. Universal immunization is the only way to protect our children from preventable communicable diseases like measles, mumps, whooping cough and polio. All of these childhood diseases have the potential to severely disable children, and even cause death.
Society has a social responsibility to protect all its citizens. Encouraging immunization at the 95% level and above is the only way to protect those children and adults who cannot be immunized because of medical concerns.
Immunization is a medical intervention. Decisions about Immunization should be medically based.
The science is clear and has been for decades. Immunization is safe and effective. It is, with safe drinking water, one of the most successful public health initiatives in the world.

Call your assemblyperson and state senator today. It takes less than 10 minutes