NY AAP Press Statement

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It has been awhile… I guess it means there has been nothing pressing to pass on.  From a COVID-19 standpoint, the numbers are improving with rates hovering around 2% now. It is still very important to wear masks, even 2, stay socially distanced and avoid contacts.

On another note, as president of the Upstate NY Chapter of the American of Pediatrics, I was involved with the crafting of this very important statement.

“The American Academy of Pediatrics New York Chapters condemn violence, especially when perpetrated by authorities, and calls for developmentally appropriate and humane treatment of children by the police. Children who are out of control or acting out should be engaged by professionals who are trained to de-escalate highly charged situations. To do otherwise contributes to traumatizing experiences with long-lasting effects on child health and development.

Adults and children in a mental health crisis need to be cared for by trained mental health first responders, and not by the police alone. The Urban League of Rochester and the Children’s Agenda have noted this, and we stand with them in calling for change.

We also note, as they have, that bias may play a part in how children are approached by the police. We quote here from the AAP Statement on Racism, “Differential treatment of youth offenders on the basis of race shapes an individual’s participation and ultimate function in society.” The AAP has prioritized addressing racism as a pediatric health problem, and acknowledged its own shortcoming with regards to race over the years. We call on the police to do the same so that all children can be safe and healthy.”