Please Stay Calm But Much More Careful

We all see the rising numbers of daily new cases, but on an individual note think we are all doing well, limiting contacts to “close” circles.  In our practice, I have seen a huge jump in the numbers of positive tests. In September, it took me ordering 98 tests before seeing my first positive case. Now,  I see 1-2 positive tests daily. Luckily, it has all been relatively minor illness, but that is not a guarantee.

I just saw a simulation run by students at MIT. They “put” 10 people in a 20 x 20 foot room. If all 10 were unmasked (eating a meal at a table), 1 positive person would transmit the virus to another person in 18 minutes. If everyone wore a cloth mask, it adds 6 minutes to that time. If a window was open, it adds 10 minutes. If everyone wore a “surgical procedure” mask, it adds 2 hours.  Think about it… masks do make a difference.

The promise of effective vaccines and eventual “herd” immunity is good news, but it is going to take months before we achieve that goal. We all look forward to saying goodbye to 2020 with great expectations for 2021 to be much better, but it is not going to be an overnight change.

Please be smart, stay home, if you go out, wear masks and stay distanced from others.  We will get through this.