School – What To Do?

The quick answer to this question is “I don’t know?” As I have previously stated, the American Academy of Pediatrics advocates for the return to school in person if possible, taking into account the safety of the children, teachers and staff. NY has finally started to outline some of the requirements to do this. But, it remains up to the individual districts to come up with plans and contingencies.  I really cannot provide guidance when I don’t know what we are looking at.

I also have been fielding questions about the possibility of a vaccine and whether or not children should receive it. Again, we don’t have a vaccine, don’t know how available it will be, what populations will be targeted to receive it, will it be available for children. So, again, I don’t know. Theoretically, if there is an effective safe vaccine that is indicated for children and available, I would “theoretically” say, yes it is a good idea to immunize children.

In the meantime, use your commonsense and stay safe.