Stay Calm and Bring Home a Puppy

We successfully emailed out our first newsletter thanks to Health Banks. Hope you found it interesting and not too overwhelming.  We will continue to try to update you via this blog, our Facebook Page, pingMD and now the newsletter.

We anticipate continuing to function as we did last week. We kept the waiting room and halls empty. We still will need to restrict visits to the patient and one caregiver. All of our families were very cooperative and understanding last week. Thank you all for your help. If you would rather postpone your routine visit to a time in the future, we understand. However, we plan to continue with our current schedules. 

And, in response to my request for “Stay Calm and …” sayings, one family responded with “Stay Calm and Bring Home a Puppy.” They figured this would be a great time to welcome Dimples into their home.  As dog lovers, we completely understand.