Stay Calm and Do Anything Except Panic

I hope to have today’s numbers later today, but so far I have gotten many more calls about possible exposures to COVID-19.

As of last night, there were 121 confirmed cases in Monroe County with 1756 tests performed. That is a 6.8% positive rate. That means that 93.2% of people who were ill enough to warrant a test do not have COVID-19.  Many more people with mild symptoms are being told to stay home and self quarantine which is very smart.  But, if you are a parent, how do you do that and take care of your children (who if you have symptoms probably already were exposed anyways). Do the best you can.  Chances are you do not have COVID-19 or if you do, it is, like the majority of cases, mild enough to not need testing or even a doctor’s visit. 

Remember we can also connect via Anytime Pediatrics for telemedicne.

But most importantly, do not Panic.