Stay Calm and Keep Apart – It is working!

40 days since the first case of COVID-19, with some pretty awful predictions by “think tanks,” New Yorkers might actually be at the “apex” with a much lower  “plateau” than expected.  (worst case predictions – green and orange), effects of quarantine (red and yellow), where we are today (purple).  The crisis is definitely not over, but with everyone’s efforts to stay “socially” distanced, despite the sacrifices made, we may have averted the staggering toll that could have happened.

The death rate continues to rise (which is to be “expected” given the severity of the illness and the length of hospitalization for the most ill among us). The number of hospital and ICU admissions is trending downward with enough data to suggest that it is a true trend. 

BUT… we do not know everything about this virus, so it is not time to loosen up the restrictions.  We mourn the loss of almost 8000 New Yorkers and thousands more across the globe. It is safe to say that most of us have experienced the loss of someone to COVID-19  who has been a part of our lives to some extent. But with Easter, Passover and Ramadan observances taking place, we can stop to take a breath (with or without a mask on), and take stock of what we have to celebrate as well as to remember those we have lost.