Stay Calm and Move a Little Closer (in Schools)

Great news today. The CDC has reviewed a number of studies that found distancing 3 feet instead of 6 feet in schools was equally safe. Today they have published recommendations that all schools can function with 3 feet distancing as long as masks are worn and transmission rates of COVID-19 are “low.” 6 feet distancing still remains for the general public and in restaurants and bars.  This is great news for those who have been clamoring for schools to return to more normal schedules.

Also, for those who have been inquiring about studies of the COVID-19 vaccines in children,  Golisano Children’s Hospital at Strong is a study site. Two of my good friends Dr. Mary Caserta and Dr. Jennifer Nayak of the division of infectious diseases are heading the study and informed me that if you are interested you can look into eligibility at the  BringBackRoc website to click on “get started”.  Once on the sign up form t put in the child’s age and it will then populate places for parents contact info.  They are  contacting families by email, but in the last couple of days there has been a large number of sign-ups so please to be patient!

On a little more negative note, 13 states are reporting increasing numbers of cases over the past week.  In the words of Yogi Berra, “this ain’t over until it’s over” and the COVID-19 has proven to be a formidable adversary.

So, as we welcome Spring for the second time during this pandemic, let’s be optimistically hopeful, but cautiously careful.