Stay Calm and Pay It Forward

“Paying it forward” has been something our family has tried to do for years. Last night, Mrs Lewis and I watched the 2000 movie “Pay It Forward” and were reminded of how, even seemingly small, kind, actions can have a ripple effect throughout our community. Given all of the unrest we are witnessing, I suggest we all try to look for ways to “pay it forward.”

On another note, the number of postive COVID-19 tests are down to about 2% in western NY, from a high of 15 %.  Sounds promising, but remember this improvement was made possible by following social distancing and stay at home guidelines. It is not a green light to ignore all the precautions.  Please use your common sense.

Lastly, as western NY “opens” up, more families are wondering about sending children back to daycare and what that will mean. Daycares have been open over the last 96 days of the pandemic and we have seen almost no spread of COVID-19 in them. The NY Times published an interesting article about what daycares might look like in the “new reality.” 

Stay safe, calm and try to pay it forward.