Stay Calm and Read a Good Book – Another day dealing with COVID-19

More cases are being diagnosed (because more tests are being run and backlog cleared), more patients are being hospitalized and we don’t know when the end will be in sight but it will be. We do need to “stay calm” and rely on good information, not sensational news  or comments made by politicians who really have no right providing us with their own opinions. 

I have heard from some families that kids have been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19. The current recommendations from the Health Department are to “self quarantine” for 14 days from the exposure and take temperatures twice a day.  Testing is not recommended (kits are still in short supply). If symptoms (fever, cough and trouble breathing) develop, please call. 

In the meantime, take advantage of being “socially distanced” and read books with your children, play games (Mrs Lewis and I broke out “Boggle” the other evening and found a note pad from our children’s elementary school), and even go for walks and play out doors. Fresh air and ultraviolet light are good for you.

Everyone one at Lewis Pediatrics, including Harper and our fish hope you are all doing well. We continue to function “normally” and keep our waiting room empty while seeing patients.