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Please Stay Calm (What Else Can Be Said?)

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Please Stay Calm (What Else Can Be Said?)

I just heard that the Monroe County School Boards have not yet adopted the 5 day quarantine/isolation protocols yet, so please check with your schools before sending students back.
Also, because of the severe test kit shortage, the county has put out a statement that positive home COVID test results should not be confirmed by PCR. Following this protocol we cannot and will not confirm positive tests with PCR.
And, per “suggestion”, if someone is exposed to COVID-19 and is quarantined, the CDC “recommends” testing at 5 days. And, again, because of the supply issue, we strongly suggest that this be an at home antigen test. We do not have the capacity to perform these tests for exposures.
Most importantly, continue to be careful, wear masks (preferably surgical procedure masks or KN95 masks. Definitely avoid thin, cloth masks and gators.

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