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Stay Calm and Return to School

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Stay Calm and Return to School

Happy 2022 to all. I wish we could start the new year with good news or at least information that would make our lives a little easier. However, we will start 2022 with many unknowns and much confusing information. I hope to get out a newsletter today with updates and attempts to clarify some of the confusing misinformation.

First, the current CDC (and state) recommendation is 10 day isolation before returning to school. 5 day with 5 days of masking is not the recommendation for students or school staff.

If a student tested positive, they do not need a negative test to return to school. Once you test positive, a PCR test can remain positive for weeks.

All students who test positive, need to be cleared to return to phys ed and sports after their 10 day isolation. Children under 12 years who do not participate in “intense” sports can be cleared via telemedicine.

We will continue to keep you updated with any changes as we learn of them.

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